Hello loves my name is Karla founder and creator here at Lolitas.

Lolita’s was born from my love for ‘Making and creating’. I always had a big passion for Art & Design. Back when I finished high school my parents didn’t approved of  my ‘Interior Design’ career choice, so I went for Media & Communications instead, until, for different life circumstances I moved to Canada from Lima,Peru ( where I was born) when I just turned 18 years old, all on my own.
I Lived in Lake Louise, AB for a little while and shortly after moved to cool-diverse Toronto, followed by  historic-fun Montreal.

I made lovely Vancouver my forever home 8 years ago and after enjoying the travelling and diversity that all these cities had to offer me all these years, I decided I was headed onto becoming a corporate zombie and I needed an outlet for myself, 'let my wild ideas come to life’.

After and introspective long trip around Europe I was  dazzled and inspired by the beautiful historic sights and their cultural, lively but classy sense of aesthetics, and then it hit me that I needed to create  some sort of self-care environmentally conscious quality product that would allow me to be my own boss, allow my creativity to bloom and that people would love.

When I came back home to Vancouver, one day I realized we were always burning candles at home and knew how expensive they were and after a lot of  research, I found out that the ingredients in them were very toxic to humans and animals, so then my light bulb when off.

After long months of research and teaching myself the art of ‘Candle Making’ testing the most sustainable wax, wicks, etc., sourcing packaging, long sleepless nights designing in my head how I would like my candles to look like, inspire and stand for Lolitas came to life.

Lolitas mixes the energy of art, fun design and delicious fragrance.
Here at Lolita’s we believe Candle making is really an art that is meant to be experienced.